Customer experience with Ben Barrett at Healthy Addiction

My career as a Health Professional in the surgical arena, has taught me how important it is to be prepared for elective surgery.  As I was most recently preparing for a total knee replacement surgery, I decided to reach out and get in shape before for this operation.  I choose to get physical training at “Healthy Addictions”.   Ben Barrett is the Physical Trainer that I worked with for six weeks prior to my surgery.  Ben worked one on one to evaluate the areas that needed strength training.  He helped me achieve my goals with muscle strength, balance, posture, coordination and all around physical strength.

This preparation was the best approach that I could take.  During the surgery my body alignment was good, preventing any positional injury for me as well as having strength in my arms and shoulders to walk after surgery without any further injury to my arms and shoulders.  The best part was when my Surgeon said “My Muscles were in Excellent Condition”

My recovery at Physical Therapy is going well and my strength has returned quickly, I feel as a result of my pre-surgical physical training.  To enhance my recovery I am also continuing my strength and mobility training with Ben at Healthy Addiction.