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Phase 2 nears completion and BOGO October

We have been working hard on Phase 2, the Fitness Studio which is intended to support larger fitness classes and high intensity workouts.  We have cement walls and floors that are fun to slam balls against and will be adding some fun equipment to keep things interesting and provide an excellent environment to improve athletic performance.  To celebrate, the month of October, we are having a buy one, get one sale for our monthly memberships.  Come on in, call us or send us an email for more information if you are interested.


We’re moving!!! and we’ve changed our name.

Old Lyme Wellness is moving to 8 Davis Rd

Old Lyme Wellness (formerly Healthy Addiction) is moving to the Marshview Building at 8 Davis Rd in April, 2018, and we are changing our name.  The new facility is intended to provide a greater combination of complementary health and wellness services to the community.  We are still providing the core strength and conditioning services we have offered since opening our doors in January 2011.  Our plans are to include other complementary services that meet our mission of operating a community based business providing world class health and wellness services with a focus on functional fitness and health literacy for all ages.

Here is a picture of the beautiful setting out the Southwest facing windows.  We are looking forward to watching the wildlife behind the new building as the seasons progress.

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LOLHS Wildcat Wellness Day

Carolino Monteiro speaks with students on Fitness & Nutrition

One of our AWESOME trainers, Carolino Monteiro, led students from Lyme-Old Lyme High School through fitness & nutrition workshops today at the school’s first Wildcat Wellness Day!

Fun for all!

Healthy Addiction offers health & fitness services for all ages, from consultation & assessment to creation of personalized programs to improve physical function, sports performance, balance, injury prevention & rehab, and nutrition support.

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Brain Health Seminar

Healthy Addiction sponsors a free seminar on Brain Health

in cooperation with the Old Lyme – Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library and Lyme’s Senior Center.

We are pleased to provide a forum and discussion on brain health issues with the purpose of sharing information on this complex and important topic, and to help members of the community learn how to cope with issues such as dementia at any stage.

The scope of the seminar included promising therapeutics, exercise, nutrition and food, supplements and other remedies or treatments. We distinguished between remedies and treatments that are evidence-based medicine as well as alternative approaches; experienced panelists help to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Panelists include:

  • Dr. Theodore Vanitallie, Professor Emeritus of medicine, Columbia University
  • Peter Dixon, MD
  • David Frederiks, MD
  • Suanne Murphy, DC
  • Katherine Nillson, Dietetics, Nutrition
  • Susan Ostrowski, MA, MS, Speech Pathologist

The seminar was held in cooperation with:

Old Lyme – Phoebe Griffin Noyes LibraryLyme’s Senior Center


Changed My Life: Transformation Tuesday!

In April 2016, I was depressed, anxious, suffering effects of Lyme disease and associated physical and emotional ills. I had high blood pressure, tingling neuropathy in my hands and fingertrips, joint pain and stiffness, skin issues including shingles, as well as nightly reflux and heartburn. My weight, at 202lbs, was a significant contributor to all of these; in addition to eating too much of the absolute wrong stuff (Half a wheel of brie and an apple for breakfast? Washed down with lots of coffee with LOTS of flavored creamer? Sure!), I was drinking a lot. The hypocrisy of lecturing my teenagers on the ills of substance abuse while having 3+ drinks per day was about the only thing I found hard to swallow.

In considering options for treatment, I remembered that physical activity ALWAYS made me feel better in the past. My BBE, Rich Shriver, upgraded my “FatBit,” (which I still used even though it rarely tracked more than 3500 steps per day) and the game was afoot! I signed up for WeightWatchers Online, and established a 2x/week training schedule at Healthy Addiction. This was additionally fortified by access to great walking routes via our awesome neighbors allowing me to tromp over their property, avoiding the scary curve of Rte 156 at the end of our driveway.

Sincere thanks to everyone who encouraged me along the way. Your comments would often come just when I was struggling, and you lifted me & kept me going. I’m extremely grateful for my family’s forbearance in not only eating everything I cooked for them, but also for changing their own habits to support this journey. It was a blessing to be able to share this path with Rich, so neither of us were bored to tears or murder by each other’s lengthy observations on exercise, food, and the effects thereof.

Thank you to those of you on our region’s byways who give me a wave as you pass (and for not running me over)!

Healthy Addiction fitness/strength trainers Ben Barrett and Lino Monteiro deserve so much credit for keeping me encouraged and motivated this year. They put up with my griping, eyerolling, gabbiness, and bossiness with way more patience than most humans. Their programs have worked positive magic on my mind AND my muscles, and they made it fun!

Age: 54 (postmenopausal)
Height: 5’6″
Start Weight: 202
Goal Weight: 145
Current Weight: 148
BMI: Normal (!)
Waist: from 42.5″ to 31″
Hips: from 46″ to 37.75″
Shoulders: from 48.75″ to 42.5″
Thighs: from 23″ to 21.5″
Arms: R from 13.25″ to 12.5″
L from 13″ to 12″


Summer Lacrosse Camp

8:30-10:30am, Monday through Friday, August 15-19, 2016
Players eager to start the spring season of 2017 with greater confidence in their playing ability and teamwork will LOVE this workshop!

Developed specifically for 7th & 8th grade girls, the workshop features local Coach Dick Shriver (Williams School, US Coast Guard Academy, Victoria Lacrosse Club, Mountain Lakes NJ). Participants will receive instruction and practice in understanding offensive and defensive field position; passing; catching; and fielding ground balls under pressure; shooting percentages, and defensive play. Each player will receive individual attention and instruction.


Client Joe Baldi wins the Niantic Triathalon

A salute to Joe Baldi, client of Healthy Addiction and HA’s trainer, Ben Barrett, who recently won the Niantic Triathlon for his age group (over 50). Joe and his wife of eleven years, Kathleen (a local attorney), train together, though they have different goals … and follow different exercise regimes. Joe says “Ben contributed to my success in the triathlon…. He is an exceptional instructor …. He focuses on our goals … .”


Salt Talks

Healthy Addiction hosts Salt Talks

The “SALT Talks” to limit nuclear weapons in the US and USSR inventories took place during the 40 year Cold War, an opaque process involving secretive analysts, always carrying two large briefcases each, chained to their wrists, moving purposefully through the streets of Geneva; this process moved with the speed of chilled molasses resulting in just one and a half agreements, or treaties, after literally decades of continuous debate.  BUT, they worked!   Or at least they did no harm.  No one was hurt.  Neither nation sent a nuclear weapon in the direction of the other with intent to kill, not even by accident.

Meanwhile, the salt talks” have been going on since the Bronze Age … and salt does kill.  Salt contributes to hypertension or high blood pressure, which in turn leads to strokes and heart attacks.  According to Dr. Surender Neravetla—Director of Cardiac Surgery at Springfield (Ohio) Regional Medical Center, 56 million Americans suffer from conditions caused or aggravated by saltnot counting the 130 million Americans who are overweight or obese.

What has happened to the salt of the earth?  It seems we can’t live without it, but we do have to learn to live with it.

Healthy Addiction will hold its own Salt Talks in April, on a Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 on a date to be announced.  Our moderator will be Rosemary Barclay, perhaps best known to some of you as founder of Bonne Sante LLC.  Rosemary has a PhD in biochemistry and is a board certified nutrition specialist. She will open the discussion with 15 minutes of commentary, and then we will move to 40 minutes of your questions.  We will use a seminar format with much spirited audience participation.  The seminar will be limited to 10 persons now reading this email, first come first served … either by email (below) or by phone to 860 671 1634 (just leave a message if necessary as the machine records the time of call to the minute).  We expect to hold this seminar from time to time if you miss this one.       Be Well !       Dick


Dr. Carmine Crispino

As you age, body chemistry changes. Dr. Crispino can help deter the aging process by managing your health care.  He can tailor a healthcare plan that will make you look, act and feel younger.

Dr. Crispino’s Lecture will help people understand how the following affect the aging process:
* Healthy eating
* Exercise
* Hormonal Control

Dr. Crispino is a primary care physician, board certified in internal medicine and age management medicine.