Healthy Addiction hosts a Health Literacy Luncheon at the Old Lyme Inn

Healthy Addiction hostied a Health Literacy Luncheon at the Old Lyme Inn on Wednesday, October 22, at 12:00. We are addressing the rapid growth of alternative approaches to healing and health maintenance and increasing claims of breakthroughs for both healing and preventive measures. This event should be interesting and helpful to everyone, and we are delighted to have the following experts with us:

  • Dr. David Frederiks
  • Lisa Wilson, CEO of The Raw Food Institute
  • Chef Amanda Cushman
  • Brandon Meuse, Injury Rehabilitation
  • Ben Barrett, Strength & Balance
  • Marie Mozzi, Bio Photon Practitioner
  • Janine Sitko RDN (Registered Dietician)
  • George Moore, Executive Director, Lyme Land Trust

We believe you hold health and well-being as a top-level priority. We know how hard it is to keep up as some myths explode, and new breakthroughs take their place. We further believe there is important and positive merit in keeping up … to integrate regular medicine with the rapidly-expanding field of alternative methods. Each of the above speakers will speak for just 3 minutes, explain who they are and what they are talking about, and each will leave you with one provocative, thoughtful idea that they have tested and believe will be a useful surprise; the talks will be followed by generous time for unbridled
Q & A.