Healthy Addiction hosts Salt Talks

The “SALT Talks” to limit nuclear weapons in the US and USSR inventories took place during the 40 year Cold War, an opaque process involving secretive analysts, always carrying two large briefcases each, chained to their wrists, moving purposefully through the streets of Geneva; this process moved with the speed of chilled molasses resulting in just one and a half agreements, or treaties, after literally decades of continuous debate.  BUT, they worked!   Or at least they did no harm.  No one was hurt.  Neither nation sent a nuclear weapon in the direction of the other with intent to kill, not even by accident.

Meanwhile, the salt talks” have been going on since the Bronze Age … and salt does kill.  Salt contributes to hypertension or high blood pressure, which in turn leads to strokes and heart attacks.  According to Dr. Surender Neravetla—Director of Cardiac Surgery at Springfield (Ohio) Regional Medical Center, 56 million Americans suffer from conditions caused or aggravated by saltnot counting the 130 million Americans who are overweight or obese.

What has happened to the salt of the earth?  It seems we can’t live without it, but we do have to learn to live with it.

Healthy Addiction will hold its own Salt Talks in April, on a Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 on a date to be announced.  Our moderator will be Rosemary Barclay, perhaps best known to some of you as founder of Bonne Sante LLC.  Rosemary has a PhD in biochemistry and is a board certified nutrition specialist. She will open the discussion with 15 minutes of commentary, and then we will move to 40 minutes of your questions.  We will use a seminar format with much spirited audience participation.  The seminar will be limited to 10 persons now reading this email, first come first served … either by email (below) or by phone to 860 671 1634 (just leave a message if necessary as the machine records the time of call to the minute).  We expect to hold this seminar from time to time if you miss this one.       Be Well !       Dick